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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisk driveˈdisk drive noun [countable]  TDa piece of equipment in a computer system that is used to get information from a disk or to store information on it
Examples from the Corpus
disk driveThe screen displays a list of the macros stored on your default disk drive.Air is drawn in to this low pressure area primarily through the ventilation slots and also through the floppy disk drive apertures.The hard disk drive is fast, too, with its own on-board cache.Myth-3: New disk drive technology that doesn't improve seek time can be dismissed as ineffective.And to add a new disk drive, you just fit some drive rails and clip it into place.We learned how to hook up the printer and the disk drive.Whilst this is on the screen, you will also hear the disk spinning in the disk drive.The disk drive ground and whirred.