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dockdock2 verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 ships [intransitive, transitive]TTW if a ship docks, or if the captain docks it, it sails into a dock so that it can unloaddock at/in πŸ”Š We docked at Rangoon the next morning.2 β†’ dock somebody’s wages/pay/salary3 computers [transitive] to connect two computers using an electrical wiredock something to/into/with something πŸ”Š Users can dock a laptop to their desktop setup.4 spacecraft [intransitive + with]TTS if two spacecraft dock, they join together in space5 animals [transitive]MHHBA to cut an animal’s tail shortβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dockβ€’ A trained work elephant then moved up on either side, rather like tugs docking a ship.β€’ The boat docked at Ancora, where Scottie was accepted and allowed to land.β€’ When the ship docked at Southampton its cargo was immediately inspected.β€’ Patients could watch trains load and unload cargo from the ships docked at the waterfront.β€’ The ship docked in Honolulu on November 1.β€’ We finally docked in Portland, Maine, happy to be on dry land again.β€’ The transfer began immediately after Atlantis docked late Saturday.β€’ When the right neurotransmitter docks with the appropriate receptor, the physical structure of the receptor molecule changes.β€’ The repair ship docked with the space station Mir last night.dock at/inβ€’ Chaucer worked in the first Customs House, and Pepys saw the building of the first wet dock at Blackwall.β€’ The two brothers parted at the docks in Lothern.β€’ Very comfortable boat, available for inspection at our docks in Miami.β€’ The project includes a railway line, a new town and a 12,000 tonnes per year coal dock at Prince Rupert.β€’ Al Tingley is one fisherman who puts up his boat for the winter and works the fuel dock in the cold months.β€’ Patients could watch trains load and unload cargo from the ships docked at the waterfront.