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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdumpdump1 /dʌmp/ ●●● S3 verb [transitive]  1 put something somewhere [always + adverb/preposition]PUT to put something somewhere in a careless untidy way Merrill dumped her suitcase down in the hall.dump something on something They dump tons of salt on icy road surfaces to make driving safer.dump something in/into something He found a can of beef stew and dumped it in a saucepan to heat.see thesaurus at put2 get rid of somethingGET RID OF a) to get rid of something that you do not want Ellie dumped all the photos of her ex-husband. He dumped her body into the sea. b) to get rid of waste material by taking it from people’s houses and burying it under the soil Britain dumps more of its waste than any other European country.3 end relationship informal to end a relationship with someone Vicky dumped Neil yesterday.4 sell goodsBBT to get rid of goods by selling them in a foreign country at a much lower pricedump in/on a campaign to stop cheap European beef being dumped in West Africa5 copy informationTD technical to copy information stored in a computer’s memory on to something else such as a disk or magnetic tape dumping dump on somebody→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dumpThey agreed to observe the moratorium, and to resume dumping after 2007 only in consultation with other signatory states.Who dumped all these books on my desk?They were accused of dumping computer chips on the U.S. market.A long list of Silicon Valley companies were unceremoniously dumped from the Net for several hours Friday.Hill had to drive six miles just to dump her garden waste."Why did he dump her?" "He met somebody else."I mean he just used her emotionally and then dumped her.I think the guy's a jerk. I'm glad Debbie dumped him.The half-burned bodies were dumped in mass graves.Toxic waste is being dumped into the ocean.He gathered in the tarpaulin as a yachtsman might a spinnaker and dumped it behind him before peering into the semi-darkness.During the offseason they dumped Mike Gartner to Phoenix for a fourth-round pick, a fire-sale sort of deal.I dumped my heavy suitcase down on the doorstep.Q: Should I dump my laserdisc player?People dump rubbish in the lanes, and the council is slow to clean it up.And if the market plunges, many Wall Street newcomers might dump stocks and mutual funds as quickly as they bought them.You told them to dump the body in the bay, where it wouldn't be found for a while.People who want to get rid of old cars sometimes dump them in the woods.Should I dump this coffee? It's cold.dump in/onHere are scattered numerous slate boulders which have been carried by glacier action and dumped on a limestone shelf.A tanker driver on his way to an illegal dump in Co.The rest is dumped in landfill sites.These are then traced on a touch-sensitive drawing board to make digital data signals which are dumped in the computer memory.She was given a travel warrant and dumped on the pavement outside the prison.The reason Hillary Clinton dumped in the polls is that she scared a good many men in this country.These kids are being dumped in the streets without jobs.Habitual petty thieves and drug addicts dumped on top of their already bulging caseload become their newest clients.