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dumpdump2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 wasteDHC a place where unwanted waste is taken and leftrubbish dump British English, garbage dump American English The fire probably started in a rubbish dump. Put the rest into a sack to take to the dump. an underground nuclear waste dump a dump site2 weaponsPM a place where military supplies are stored, or the supplies themselves There has been a series of explosions in an ammunition dump.3 unpleasant placeUNTIDY informal a place that is unpleasant to live in because it is dirty, ugly, untidy etc What a dump, ’ she added as they entered the village. Why are you living in a dump like this?4 down in the dumps5 computerTD technical the act of copying the information stored in a computer’s memory onto something else, such as a disk a screen dump6 take a dump
Examples from the Corpus
dumpHow can you live here? This place is a dump.Why don't you do something about your room - it's a dump.an ammunition dumpAs dump opponents had feared, it explicitly sidesteps many of the ecological concerns raised last fall by Park Service scientists.There was a car dump there now.The State of Illinois, south of Chicago, is an endless dump.a garbage dumpSoroka also said market conditions would keep Allied from increasing dump tip fees.Over in the sanitation department, long-neglected dumps are in urgent need of attention.The Ewells' place is a real dump.Brown and gold among the green, purple flowers, the gorse in sunny dumps.The initial reaction of the community to the news of the dump was that it was only what could be expected.Though Aurul had posted two guards on the dump, they made no visible efforts to stop them.waste dumpSecondly, low-grade sources of minerals and waste dumps can be efficiently exploited.Some environmentalists have expressed concern that using old mines as waste dumps could be both dangerous and expensive.Communities of fish and invertebrates are attracted to structures such as oil platforms and nuclear waste dumps.For every tonne of waste dumped in a landfill site, the Treasury demands £1 1.Some manufacturing companies are also voluntarily cleaning up old waste dumps.The waste dump must be on a site with a suitable underlying geology; 2.There is still no provision for a national toxic wastes dump.The programme makes no mention, however, of highly expensive tasks of cleaning up toxic waste dumps and military sites.What a dumpWhat a place! What a dump.