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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishe-commercee-com‧merce /ˈiː kɒmɜːs, $ -kɑːmɜːrs/ noun [uncountable]  (electronic commerce) the activity of buying and selling goods and services and doing other business activities using a computer and the Internet e-commerce applications such as online ticketing and reservations
Examples from the Corpus
e-commerceE-commerce is still a small but fast-growing part of the U.S. economy.Factors fueling the avid interest in e-commerce run the gamut of the business process.Now, e-commerce is bringing about another revolution that no company can afford to miss.This raises interesting issues: Which assumptions of e-commerce may force you to develop a new theory of business?In the context of e-commerce, information search can be classified into two categories: organizational and consumer search.The effects of e-commerce are already appearing in all areas of business, from customer service to new product design.Clearly, a key element of e-commerce is information processing.a conference to debate the future of e-commerceThis method is the basis for secure e-commerce, variations of which are being explored by several companies.