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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentryen‧try /ˈentri/ ●●● S3 W2 noun (plural entries)  1 act of entering [countable, uncountable]ENTER the act of going into something opp exitentry into It was dark and their entry into the camp had gone unnoticed. Harry made his entry into the village. There was no sign of a forced entry. How did the thieves gain entry (=get in)?2 becoming involved [uncountable]TAKE PART/BE INVOLVED when someone starts to take part in a system, a particular kind of work etc, or the permission they need in order to do thisentry into/to Britain’s entry into the European Union the minimum height for entry into the police force This enabled European banks to gain entry into new markets. the entry requirements for a degree course3 right to enter [uncountable]RIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TO the right to enter a place, building etcentry to/into Entry to the gardens is included in the price of admission. The refugees were repeatedly refused entry into (=not allowed in) the country.no entry (=written on signs to show that you are not allowed to go somewhere) an entry visa4 competition [countable] a) TAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDsomething that you write, make, do etc in order to try and win a competition The winning entry will be published in our April issue. What’s the closing date for entries? b) [usually singular]TAKE PART/BE INVOLVED the number of people or things taking part in a competition We’ve attracted a record entry this year.5 something written [countable]TCN a piece of writing in a diary, or in a book containing information such as a dictionary a dictionary entry 6 computer [uncountable]TD the act of putting information into a computer data entry7 door [countable] (also entryway American English)TBB a door, gate, or passage that you go through to enter a place entrance1(1)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the act of going into somethingverbsgain entryBurglars use various methods to gain entry to houses.force an entry (=get into a building by breaking a door, window etc)The church was locked, but he managed to force an entry.make your entry (=enter in a way that makes other people notice you)She waited until everyone was sitting down before she made her entry.adjectivesillegal entry (=when someone gets into a building illegally)The two men were later arrested and charged with illegal entry.unauthorized entry (=when someone gets into a place where they are not allowed)There was a big sign on the door saying NO UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY.forced entry (=when someone gets into a building illegally by breaking a door, window etc)There were no signs of a forced entry, but several paintings were missing.entry + NOUNan entry point (=a place where people can enter a country)The 2,000 mile border is the main entry point into the country for illegal aliens. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: when someone starts to take part in a system, a particular kind of work etc, or the permission they need in order to do thisverbsgain entry (=be allowed to take part)You need good exam results to gain entry to the best universities.restrict entry (=stop someone taking part in something)Tariffs on trade have the effect of restricting entry into the market.NOUN + entryuniversity/college/school entryJapan has one of the highest rates of college and university entry in the world.entry + NOUNentry requirementsApplicants must satisfy the normal entry requirements for the school.entry qualificationsWhat are the entry qualifications for the course? COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the right to enter a place, building etcadjectivesfree Guests have free entry to the hotel spa and gym.Entry is free for children.entry + NOUNan entry visa (=a visa which allows you to enter a country)Visitors to the United States must first obtain an entry visa.an entry ticket (=a ticket that allows you to enter a place)The holiday includes a 2-day entry ticket to the Euro Disneyland Theme Park.verbsapply for entryThe number of people applying for entry into the country is increasing every year.allow (somebody) entry (also grant (somebody) entry formal) (=let someone enter a place)Citizens of most EU countries are allowed automatic entry into Britain.refuse/deny (somebody) entry (=stop someone entering)He was refused entry to the club because he was wearing trainers.phrasesno entry (=written on signs to show that you are not allowed to go somewhere)The door had ‘No Entry’ written in large letters.
Examples from the Corpus
entryOrganizers of the Lawson short story competition have received over 100,000 entries.All entries for the contest must be received by September 11.Responsibility will not be accepted for entries lost, delayed, mislaid or damaged in the post.Her entry in the "Funniest Photo Contest" won third prize.Also note that the numeric entries can include commas and dollar signs. 7.It ends on the eve of entry into Canaan.This may result either from the history of entry in each country or from government regulation.Certainly, Coleman and no other was the route of entry into the College and into the army veterinary service.The West Court has a paved entry from the north, but by way of steps down rather than a ramp up.Wait till the chorus of old men starts announcing the entry of Catullus.Look up the entry for George Washington in the encyclopedia.The entry of women into the work force was one of the most significant changes in our society.The biggest barrier to entry into the video shopping arena has been the lack of available channels offering variety to customers.The winning entry was a short film from France.entry intoAn alarm will signal any unauthorized entry into the lab.entry into/toTheir current goal is to win an entry into Crufts, but maybe this will take a couple of years.The first correct entry to be drawn at random will be notified by phone and the Guitarist carrier pigeon will do the rest.A firm which innocently seeks to lower costs and improve product quality may simultaneously be making it harder for entry to occur.That is the price you have to pay for entry into the game.Certainly, Coleman and no other was the route of entry into the College and into the army veterinary service.Current proposals refuse entry to twins.His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, for example, represents an attempt to conform to one of them.While entry into the Kingdom has an essential personal and individual element, it also has profound and extensive community ramifications.entry to/intoJust because there is a real opportunity area does not mean that all entries into the area are likely to be successful.Their current goal is to win an entry into Crufts, but maybe this will take a couple of years.The freshman dean happened to recognize me in the c owd of unknowns barring entry to the building.Educational qualifications for entry into the officer corps had been lower than for other comparable elements of the administration.I decided on a further session in the gym before making my grand entry to the spa complex.I could feel the pulsing of veins that usually precedes entry into a forbidden, private realm.At the entry to the U.S.winning entryCopies of the winning entry will be on display throughout the town and at Darlington Building Society.The prizes will be awarded to the individual or company named on the winning entry form.The winning entry may be a simple gadget or husbandry tip.The winning entry will be published in a future column, as will any other entries we find worth making fun of.The winning entry will be published in the December issue.The winning entry will be selected at random by computer.