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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherasee‧rase /ɪˈreɪz $ ɪˈreɪs/ ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 TDto remove information from a computer memory or recorded sounds from a tape The computer crashed, and all our records were erased.see thesaurus at remove2 REMOVEto remove writing from paper Some of the names had been accidentally erased.3 REMOVEto get rid of something so that it has gone completely and no longer exists Their dream is to erase poverty and injustice from the world.erase something from your mind/memory He couldn’t erase the image from his mind. She had tried to erase the memory of that day.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
eraseThus Experience has an undulating, open-ended form, something like a notebook whose pagination has been erased.Of course the text itself hadn't literally all been erased.Telecommunications could erase all these indicators of rurality.Be sure to completely erase any incorrect answer.But those painful memories are erased by thoughts of future glory as Jodami whisks Anthea across the moorland gallops.Ben erased one of my favorite tapes.The fall of the Berlin Wall erased the border between the two Germanys.Somehow the magnets had erased the entire cassette.Some businesses are attaching electronic copyright stamps to their work, and the bill would make erasing these stamps illegal.Is there any way I can erase this videotape so no one will see what's on it?Again, there is a vast discrepancy between the top and bottom that is erased within this ideology of flexibility.Today's rise in prices erases yesterday's losses.erase something from your mind/memoryAfter the rape, I just wanted to erase it from my mind.