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exitexit2 ●○○ verb [intransitive, transitive]  1 LEAVE A PLACE formal to leave a placeexit from/through I exited through a side window. He exited the courtroom in a fury.2 TDto stop using a computer program Press F3 to exit.3 APTused in the instructions of a play to tell an actor to leave the stage Exit Hamlet, bearing the body of Polonius.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
exitBut it seems Stephanopoulos, exiting quickly to Punditland, left some items behind.Take I-10 east, exiting south on State Route 90.That is, in spite of revising their reservation wages upwards, they are exiting faster in the second period than in the first period.William exits fairly despondent and heads for the door.But to change the text, you had to exit that mode, using a specific command, and enter edit mode.Trying to exit the airfield after the show ended resulted in large queues of vehicles all trying to get out of one gate.Press F7 N Y to exit WordPerfect.exit from/throughThe band exited through a door behind the stage.The only fairly quick exit from here is feet first.The fireball is visible for about half a minute before the object exits from the atmosphere with its original speed virtually undiminished.Whenever her father returned unexpectedly, I would make a frantic, unscheduled exit through the back door and over the wall.He had said so before making his exit from the Benson & Hedges, where he shot 82-82.On exit from the form, the field number will be used to select the next field.The belay will probably be a few feet lower than it was and nearer to the exit from the groove.These probabilities are noted alongside the exit from the lozenge.Tallis glanced towards the exit from the mortuary house, then frowned and looked around.