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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfilefile1 /faɪl/ ●●● S1 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 INFORMATIONa set of papers, records etc that contain information about a particular person or subjectfile on Mendoza read over the file on the murders. The FBI keeps files on former White House employees. We will keep your details on file (=store them for later use).police/case/medical etc file a copy of the court file2 KEEP/STOREa box or piece of folded card in which you store loose papers She pulled a blue file from the shelf.3 INFORMATIONinformation on a computer that you store under a particular name a list of all the files and folders on your hard disk4 TZa metal tool with a rough surface that you rub on something to make it smooth nail file5 LINEa line of people who are standing or walking one behind the otherfile of a file of soldiers marching in stepin file It was dark as we set off in file. single file, rank and fileCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: information on a computer that you store under a particular nameverbsopen a fileClick on the icon to open the file.close a fileYou may need to close the file and restart the computer.save a fileSave the file under a different filename.create a fileI created a file of useful contacts.delete a file (=remove it)I accidentally deleted the wrong file.access a file (=open or read it)You won’t be able to access the file if another user has opened it.edit a file (=make changes to it)I edited the file and saved it to the hard disk.copy a fileTo copy a file, save it using a new filename.move a fileHe was trying to move the file from one folder to another.transfer a file (=move it from one computer system to another)You can transfer files and share your stuff with friends.download a file (=move a copy of it from the Internet or another computer to your computer)It just takes a few seconds to download the file.upload a file (=move a copy of it from your computer to the Internet or another computer)Restart the web browser, and then upload the file.load a file (=put it onto a computer)Double-click on the icon and it will load the zip file onto your computer. send somebody a file (=send it using email)Do you want me to send you the file?attach a file (=send it with an email)Sorry, I forgot to attach the file.compress a file (=make it smaller so that it uses less space on a computer)The program allows you to compress files.NOUN + filea computer fileDelete some of the old computer files and create some space on the hard drive.a backup file (=a copy of a file, which is made in case the original becomes lost or damaged)You can burn your backup file to CD or DVD. a text fileThe text file contains hints on how to get the best out of the program.a data fileThe bigger the data file, the more time is needed to search it.a graphics fileThis handy utility allows you to change graphics files from one format to another.
Examples from the Corpus
fileThe enemy succeeded in capturing myself and 2,200 rank and file, many of them being wounded.Arriving at Polly's door, Jack checked the number one more time against the information in his file and knocked.The FBI keeps files on all suspected terrorists.Inside the window is a list of files contained inside the compressed file.We keep copies of all applications on file.Each attribute or set of related attributes is stored in its own file.I put Callahan's file back in the drawer.They allow you to get to the same file from many different folders without having to make copies of that file.He turned to the last report made by the investigating officer before the file was consigned to Records.The statistics are in the file called "stats.doc."According to a letter in the files this man's name was Pavey.I seem to have lost the file with all my personal records on it.Could you bring me the file on the West murder, please?Just click on the icon to open the file.Only a few people are allowed to see these files.a stack of blue and yellow filesIt's a good idea to save your files to a floppy disk as a backup.police/case/medical etc fileBut only after everything is solved, another case filed away.But it could have strategic value for a defense team facing the biggest case filed against an Aberdeen soldier to date.I thanked him and left, taking with me copies of the statements in the Southwark Bridge case file.For 20 years he was told the film was locked away in police files.In 1982 pre-hearing assessments were requested in six percent of cases filed, about half by the tribunal of its own motion.He discovered secret police files documenting drug abuse.Some of them gave a different identity from the one contained in the case file.By the vagaries of shuffling, one of the last sheets in the medical file was a report from an ophthalmologist.