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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfirst generationˌfirst geneˈration noun [singular]  1 SSCSApeople who have moved to live in a new country, or the children of these people2 TTDthe first type of a machine to be developedfirst generation of the first generation of hand-held computers3 FIRSTthe first people to do somethingfirst generation of the first generation of radical feminists in the USfirst-generation adjective first-generation Americans
Examples from the Corpus
first generationBut the life of a first generation feminist can be plagued by disconcerting lapses.This was also the first generation to take full advantage of the decentralized workplaces made possible by information technology.Conversely, many younger people will be the first generation in their family who can expect to inherit substantial amounts.The big winner in a system of intergenerational transfers is the first generation.The fact that service companies make up most of the first generation of 1990s downsizers-turned-upsizers supports this analysis.In this programme, the first generation has three items, of magnitudes 1,2 and 3, turning through 180°.The first generation of peas were all tall.first generation ofLevebre and her friends were among the first generation of radical feminists.The first generation of digital TV sets cost over $2000 each.