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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraphicsgraph‧ics /ˈɡræfɪks/ noun [plural]  AVTDpictures or images that are designed to represent objects or facts, especially in a computer program
Examples from the Corpus
graphicsA full-length GA-300 video card is fitted using the S3 86C911 graphics accelerator.News itself became more entertaining, and technologies enabling better graphics and presentation made features more attractive.There are many software packages available which have graphics facilities.Earlier this month, the company unveiled technology for improving the quality of graphics on the World Wide Web.The Web allows almost anyone on the Internet to produce online documents that combine text, graphics, audio and video clips.It comes bundled with Windows 3.1, and a proprietary front-end, which uses graphics to depict the various functions provided.But sometimes it takes many hits to download one Web page, especially if the page is loaded with graphics.