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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard driveˈhard drive noun [countable]  the part of a computer where information and programs are stored, consisting of hard disks and the electronic equipment that reads what is stored on themdisk drive
Examples from the Corpus
hard driveThe other kind is disk storage, commonly on a hard drive or floppy disk.Kuo said the virus attacks the spot where the layout of its hard drive is stored.It will also move a program from one hard drive to another or from one computer to another.Geoff Cox shows how to add a second hard drive to your existing system.OptiBus also acts as a local bus for the hard drive, reducing access times.Is the hard drive from a reputable manufacturer?A cookie is simply a small data file on your hard drive.In the next window, browse to the file's location on your hard drive and select it, then click Next.