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importim·port2 /ɪmˈpɔːt $ -ɔːrt/ ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 PEBUYto bring a product from one country into another so that it can be sold there opp export In 2001, Britain exported more cars than it imported.import something from something All the meat is imported from France.2 to introduce something new or different in a place where it did not previously exist The unusual designs were probably imported from Iran.import something to/into something The US comedy format was gradually imported to UK screens.3 TDto move information from one computer to another opp exportimport something from/into something You can now import graphics from other applications.imported adjective imported autos imported data→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
importCecil had imported a tribe of Bedouins to the site to play the spectacular scenes.King felt that importing additional slaves would make national defense more difficult and costly.Wood for the project will be imported from China.Most of the wines served in this restaurant are imported from France.These are made mainly of grain, much of which is imported from other parts of the world.There are new integrated editors for digitised sound play and editing - sound can be imported from Windows or AdLib files.The United States has to import some of its oil.