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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinputin‧put1 /ˈɪnpʊt/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 [uncountable] information that is put into a computer opp output If the input data specified it, the file will close and the process terminates.2 PUT[countable, uncountable] ideas, advice, money, or effort that you put into a job or activity in order to help it succeedinput into/to Farmers contributed most of the input into the survey.input from We’ll need input from community nurses.3 [countable, uncountable] technical electrical power that is put into a machine for it to use
Examples from the Corpus
inputMoreover, the introduction of notepad style computers will necessitate non-keyboard input.Here the half-section is said to convert the load to impedance at the input.We value the input of everyone who answered the questionnaire.The impedance of the battery alone is enough to regulate their input.Seven people have been involved in making the banners over the years, with input and ideas from many others.I do not need your input on the subject.input into/toThese assessments form a crucial input to the determination of the actual funding allocation to each Local Authority through Block Grant.Its value remains constant until it is assigned or input to.A quite different method of evaluation is to construct a process model which seeks to relate input to output.Employed lawyers had only a small input into the many Woolf working parties.Almost everyone involved, he said, had some input into what went wrong.In other words, the act of retrieving the information is the input to other transactions.The household production approach extends the neo-classical framework to incorporate the time input into consumption.