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inputinput2 ●○○ AWL verb (past tense and past participle inputted or input, present participle inputting) [transitive]  TDto put information into a computer opp outputbe input to something The information is input to our computer system.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
inputObjections are frequently raised by affected personnel, and methods to input documents automatically are thus highly desirable.The user inputs the data, and the computer stores it in its memory.The user then has to input the date and it is against this date that all transactions will be checked.We're currently inputting the names and addresses of all our customers into a database.We can also let any point inside the cube be input too.be input to somethingThere are two methods by which text may be input to a computer for the purpose of recognition.Handwritten data is input to a computer via an electronic tablet which accurately captures x, y coordinate information of pen-tip movement.The method by which the text is to be input to the computer is also important.Meanwhile more data can be input to D1.