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ITIT /ˌaɪ ˈtiː/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  TD (information technology) the study or use of electronic processes and equipment for storing information and making it available
Examples from the Corpus
ITIt is the first assessment of the expanded IT Advanced Courses programme.It is unlikely that IT managers will wish to migrate such large amounts of dead material across computer systems.What this means is that effective IT managers have to be as sensitive to real estate as they are to virtual reality.Jobs is positioning NeXTStep as a means to ride what he believes will be the next wave in IT - custom applications.The program, aimed at top execs, is meant to help them manage IT more profitably and effectively.The number of students involved in the other IT subject areas varied - between 3 and 6 percent in any one subject.Thus IT and its record entered into the politics of the workplace.