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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeystrokekey‧stroke /ˈkiːstrəʊk $ -stroʊk/ noun [countable]  TDTthe action of pressing a key on a computer or other machine
Examples from the Corpus
keystrokeThere are nearly a dozen keystrokes which operate toggles.Boilerplate text can be inserted into a document with a few keystrokes.Movement of the cursor is controlled by several nominated keystrokes and the program itself is menu-driven.A macro is a special command that activates a series of keystrokes automatically.Cancelling toggle keys Repeat the keystroke.The keystroke in the Command Area which selects the text editing window is Esc for Escape.That will cost you 10 minutes and umpteen keystrokes and mouse clicks.You define the macro by deciding which keystrokes are activated and which keys are used to give the command.