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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkilobytekil‧o‧byte /ˈkɪləbaɪt/ noun [countable] (written abbreviation K or KB)  TDa unit for measuring computer information, equal to 1,024 bytes
Examples from the Corpus
kilobyteAt the resolution available, a single illustration accounts for 6.25 kilobytes of data.They are called delta frames and, typically, may consist of no more than 5 kilobytes of data.For display through a television, one image needs about 800 kilobytes, making the storage problem even more acute.Even a single, still image at this quality requires about 800 kilobytes of data.As a result you can end up with a file bordering on the megabytes instead of a few tens of kilobytes.The memory is divided into bits, bytes and? or kilobytes.