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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkitkit1 /kɪt/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 [countable]EQUIPMENT a set of tools, equipment etc that you use for a particular purpose or activity Sally keeps her make-up kit in her bag. a bike repair kit a shaving kit a drum kit2 [countable] something that you buy in parts and put together yourself model kits for making boats kit cars3 [uncountable] electronic equipment, especially computers and computer software The new kit includes wireless keyboard and gaming headset.4 [countable, uncountable] British EnglishCLOTHES a set of clothes and equipment that you use for a particular purpose such as playing a sport sports kit football kits5 [uncountable]CLOTHES a set of clothes and equipment used by soldiers, sailors etc The soldiers are trained to jump from the planes with full kit on. 6 get your kit off7 the whole kit and caboodle drum kit, first aid kit, tool kit
Examples from the Corpus
kita model airplane kitHe's going to have an allergy kit there.Glossaries in each kit define pertinent medical terms.I told the children to put on their gym kit and go outside.Attach my tiny shaving kit to my tinier toothbrush pouch and insert them into my Stuffed Shirt Case.Roz keeps her squash kit at the office and plays at lunchtime.There should be a survival kit of some kind, and a first-aid box.But what if you test kit is faulty?But the kit was delivered on time.These kits make things easy for kids.This kit can be obtained or ordered from your supplier.