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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlinklink1 /lɪŋk/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL verb  1 be linked2 CONNECTED WITHmake connection [transitive] to make a connection between two or more things or people A love of nature links the two poets.link something/somebody to/with something Exactly how do we link words to objects?link somebody/something together Strong family ties still linked them together.3 join [transitive] to physically join two or more things, people, or places syn connectlink something/somebody to/with something The pipe must be linked to the cold water supply.link somebody/something together The climbers were linked together by ropes.link something and something A long bridge links Venice and the mainland. He walked with her, linking arms (=putting his arm around her arm).4 CONNECTED WITHshow connection [transitive] to show or say that there is a connection between two people, situations, or thingslink something/somebody to/with something He denied reports linking him to Colombian drug dealers.5 make something depend on something [transitive] to make one thing or situation depend on another thing or situationlink something to something Pay increases will now be linked to performance. index-linked6 JOIN something TOGETHERconnect equipment [transitive] (also link up) to connect computers, broadcast systems etc, so that electronic messages can be sent between themlink something to/with something Local terminals are linked to the central computer.7 Internet [intransitive] to set up a link to a website or webpage How can I find out who has linked to my blog? link in link up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
linkThe Channel Tunnel has linked Britain with mainland Europe for the first time.The Brooklyn Bridge links Brooklyn and Manhattan.Batangas and Puerto Galera are linked by a ferry service which runs twice daily.Smoking takes place in a smoke house which is linked by a pipe to a firebox.The two TV stations are linked by satellite.A private television circuit will link Clinton with his questioners.Nigel Clough was instructed to link in attack with Shearer.State and Campus Networks State and campus networks link into regional networks.Interstate 5 links San Diego and Los Angeles.The health department has linked several cases of food poisoning with contaminated shellfish.Police are linking the availability of alcohol and a recent rise in the number of teenage arrests.For centuries farmers have linked the behavior of animals and plants to changes in the weather.There's a fault in the wire that links the printer with the computer.They are planning a new high-speed railway to link the two capitals.There is an underwater telephone cable linking the two islands.An intense concern for human rights links the two poets.Busy traffic very soon humanized these inland seas, linking their coasts, their civilizations and their history.The college provides technology to all faculty members and students to link them to the Internet.All the PCs in the office are linked to a main server.GISs allow geographically oriented information about disease distribution and occurrence to be visually and analytically linked to images of the environment.It is also linked to Lotus, so that information needs can be addressed in different formats.This is closely linked to their passivity: it does not occur to them that they could make changes in their world.His name has been linked with several famous actresses since he and his wife separated last year.link somebody/something togetherThe institution links Jews from all communities and all nations together.linking armsHe walked between us, linking arms.They were just having a peaceful protest, sitting there and linking arms: no threats or fear of violence.They stood together for a moment in the doorway, linking arms proudly.The two-minute video shows the protesters casually entering the office before linking arms through the tubes.link something to somethingCongress may link a country's trade status to its human rights policy.link something to/with somethingAll of our computer workstations are linked to a main server.The study links the gene to an increased risk of cancer.He was charged after investigators linked him to more than $100 million in cash in European banks.