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loadload2 ●●● S2 W3 verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [intransitive, transitive] (also load up)PUT to put a large quantity of something into a vehicle or container opp unload πŸ”Š Have you finished loading up? πŸ”Š It took an hour to load the van. πŸ”Š Will you help me load the dishwasher?load something into/onto something πŸ”Š Emma loaded all the groceries into the car. πŸ”Š He loaded the cups onto a tray.load something with something πŸ”Š She loaded up the car with camping gear.β–Ί see thesaurus at fill2 [transitive]FULL to put a necessary part into something in order to make it work, for example bullets into a gun or film into a cameraload something with something πŸ”Š Did you load it with 200 or 400 film?load something into something πŸ”Š Can you load the CD into the player, please?3 [intransitive, transitive]TD to put a program into a computer πŸ”Š The program takes a while to load. πŸ”Š To load the file, press the β€˜return’ key.4 [intransitive] (also load up) if a ship, aircraft etc loads, goods are put onto it πŸ”Š The first ship to load at the new port was the β€˜Secil Angola’.load with πŸ”Š The boat called at Lerwick to load up with fresh vegetables. β†’ load somebody/something down β†’ load up on something β†’ load somebody (up) with somethingβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
loadβ€’ This program takes a while to load.β€’ These latter pages can be loaded directly on to printing presses as plates.β€’ A woman was loading groceries into her car.β€’ Ginter was unconscious when rescue workers loaded him on to a stretcher.β€’ The program can be encoded on the disc's surface and then loaded into the microprocessor.β€’ LOAD is a command which loads a new program from the file.β€’ Anyhow, we loaded kelp for Glasgow.β€’ They were arrested after chaining themselves to cranes which were loading logs on to barges in the port of Kuala Baram.β€’ Wait a minute - I need to load my camera.β€’ Trucks may not stop on city streets to load or unload between 11 and 6.β€’ I started loading the boxes into the truck.β€’ The links aren't constantly updated but can be set to update whenever you load the document again.β€’ Loading the van was hard work.β€’ When the planes are fully loaded, they aren't able to take off from this runway, as it is too short.β€’ This giant machine can load up a 10-ton truck every few minutes.β€’ Two men were loading up a truck with boxes of melons.β€’ Trucks loaded with food and medicine waited at the border.β€’ It was loaded with product, much of it marvelous, all of it printed.load something into/onto somethingβ€’ Coast Guard officials loaded the marijuana onto a plane.