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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-levelˌlow-ˈlevel adjective  1 close to the ground low-level bombing attacks on military targets2 relating to people who are not in powerful positions or jobs opp high-level routine, low-level, clerical tasks3 at a low degree or strength opp high-level a low-level tension headache4 TDa low-level computer language is used to give instructions to a computer and is similar to the language that the computer operates in opp high-level
Examples from the Corpus
low-levelSome have injected low-level academics into low-level vocational classes.There had developed since Khrushchev's time policies to involve the populace more in low-level administrative activities on a voluntary basis.It is like living in a low-level but persistent depression.It was widely believed that middle and low-level government employees accepted gifts in return for favours.Add some replacement testosterone and research finds a low-level libido may become more active again.a low-level managerOn March 10 the authorities issued a warning to people to stay indoors after concentrations of low-level ozone reached record levels.We heard it turn, and again it made a low-level pass just to the side of us.low-level positions in the companyThe low-level stress that comes from selling out your own talents will culminate in some form of physical discomfort.