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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmachine-readablemaˌchine-ˈreadable adjective  TDin a form that can be understood and used by a computer information stored in machine-readable form
Examples from the Corpus
machine-readableIn addition, let us encourage colleagues to integrate machine-readable data and computer exercises into their thematic courses.The project is also incorporating existing machine-readable data files, relating to the nineteenth century, into its relational database.A number of sources of semantic information are identified, the most notable of which being machine-readable dictionaries and text corpora.It is suggested that semantic analysis using machine-readable dictionaries is restricted to their definitions and not their expansions.A definitive list of words was derived from a number of machine-readable dictionaries.The preservation of information captured in machine-readable form undoubtedly presents a host of problems to traditional archives.Most user and system activity was captured and stored in machine-readable log files.It is therefore highly important to establish that the machine-readable product of Step 1 will be susceptible of all the necessary manipulation.