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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmailboxmail‧box /ˈmeɪlbɒks $ -bɑːks/ ●●○ noun [countable] American English  1 TCMDHa box, usually outside a house, where someone’s letters are delivered or collected2 TCMa container where you post letters syn postbox British English3 the part of a computer’s memory where email messages are stored
Examples from the Corpus
mailboxYou can also create mailboxes other than the simple in and out trays and mark them in however you want.The only restriction is how often the person receiving the email checks his or her mailbox.Every day Ralph ran to his mailbox, only to find it empty.Factor in other magazines, fall catalogs choking the mailbox and spreads in local newspapers and it adds up to stylish overstimulation.I was helping Syndi shovel out the mailbox and parking spaces down by the road.The class also used the mailbox facility to ask for brochures which were sent to the school.A single password protected voice mailbox exists where you can leave, or update a message that only certain users can access.