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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishOCROCR /ˌəʊ siː ˈɑː $ ˌoʊ siː ˈɑːr/ noun [uncountable] technical  (optical character recognition) computer software that recognizes numbers and letters of the alphabet which are written on paper, so that information from paper documents can be scanned (scan) into a computer
Examples from the Corpus
OCRThe effect of this method was tested using a handwritten text and an OCR recognised printed text.TextPac, the software that controls this dedicated OCR device, has recently been joined by PublishPac.Handwriting recognition systems experience similar errors to those of OCR systems but to a greater degree.Text is captured through OCR if not already available in electronic form.An added bonus is that much faster input processing rates are possible with OCR than manual entry of the text.