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openopen2 ●●● S1 W1 verb  1 door/window etc [intransitive, transitive]OPEN to move a door, window etc so that people, things, air etc can pass through, or to be moved in this way Jack opened the window. He opened the drawer of the desk. She heard a door open and then close.2 container/package [transitive]OPEN to unfasten or remove the lid, top, or cover of a container, package etc Louise opened a bottle of wine. He opened the letter and began to read it. The children were opening their presents. Mark was about to open a beer when the doorbell rang.3 eyesOPEN [intransitive, transitive] to raise your eyelids so that you can see, or to be raised in this way Barry was awake long before he opened his eyes. Carrie smelled coffee and her eyes opened reluctantly.4 mouthOPEN [intransitive, transitive] to move your lips apart, or to be moved in this way He opened his mouth but couldn’t think what to say.5 start operating [intransitive, transitive] (also open up)BBTSTART something/MAKE something START if a place such as an office, shop, restaurant etc opens or is opened, it starts operating or providing a service Sarah had recently opened an office in Genoa. French and Scandinavian offices are due to open in the autumn. The Forestry Commission has opened a plant centre selling rare plants. The centre has been a great success since it opened its doors a year ago.see thesaurus at establish 6 shop/restaurant etc [intransitive] (also open up)BSTART DOING something to start business, letting in customers or visitors, at a particular time What time do the banks open? The bakery opens early.7 start an activitySTART something/MAKE something START [transitive] to start an activity, event, or set of actions The US attorney’s office has opened an investigation into the matter. An inquest into the deaths will be opened next week.8 computer [transitive] to make a document or computer program ready to use Click on this icon to open the File Manager.9 meeting/event [intransitive, transitive]START something/MAKE something START if a meeting etc opens or is opened in a particular way, it starts in that way Hughes, opening the Conference, made a dramatic plea for peace.open with The concert opens with Beethoven’s Egmont Overture.10 official ceremony [transitive]PGOSTART something/MAKE something START to perform a ceremony in which you officially state that a building is ready to be used The new County Hall building was officially opened by the King. 11 spread/unfold [intransitive, transitive]OPEN to spread something out or unfold something, or to become spread out or unfolded She opened her umbrella. John opened his hand to show her he wasn’t holding anything. The flowers only open during bright weather. I sat down and opened my book. She opened the curtains (=pulled the two curtains apart). Dave opened his arms (=stretched his arms wide apart) to give her a hug.12 make a way through [transitive]TTR to make it possible for cars, goods etc to pass through a place They were clearing away snow to open the tunnel. The peace treaty promises an end to war and opens the borders between the two countries.13 film/play etc [intransitive]START TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETC to start being shown to the public Paula and Rachael star as mother and daughter in the play, which opens tonight. The film opened yesterday to excellent reviews.see thesaurus at start14 open an account15 open fire (on something)16 open the door/way to something17 open somebody’s eyes (to something)18 open your mind (to something)19 open your heart (to somebody)20 the heavens opened open the floodgates at floodgateGrammarOpen belongs to a group of verbs where the same noun can be the subject of the verb or its object. You can say: She opened the door. In this sentence, ‘the door’ is the object of open.You can say: The door opened. In this sentence, ‘the door’ is the subject of open.THESAURUSopen used about a door, window, container, package, letter, your eyes, or your mouthI opened the door quietly.She was nervous about opening the letter.Open your mouth wide.unlock to open a door, drawer, box etc with a keyYou need a key to unlock the safe.unscrew to open a lid on a bottle, container etc by turning itI carefully unscrewed the lid of the jar.force open to open a drawer, window, cupboard etc using forceThe door was locked so we had to force it open.unwrap to open a package by removing the paper that covers itThe children were busy unwrapping their Christmas presents.unfasten/undo to make something no longer fastened or tied, for example a seat belt or a piece of clothingHe unfastened the top button of his shirt.I was so full I had to undo my belt. open onto/into something open out open up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
openDoors open 15 minutes before the start of each performance.That window doesn't open.Runyan plans to open a casino.Police have opened an investigation into the girl's disappearance.It provides start-up dialogues, macro dialogues and exit dialogues to open and close applications.He opened and shut the drawers and the flap and found what he expected.The animals were fasted for 24 hours and then their abdomen was opened and the stomach exposed under light ether anaesthesia.After a short discussion with the customs officers, the gates opened and the truck moved off.Ask the waiter to open another bottle of champagne.Don't open another Coke - you can have the rest of mine.Judy opened another pack of cigarettes.On Saturdays, the restaurant opens at 7 p.m.The moment before he had opened it, he had known what would be inside.a little gadget that helps you to open jarsAndrew Lloyd Webber's new musical will open later this year.The driver whipped round the front of the car and opened my door.A permanent exhibition of Moore's work will open next year."What times do the banks open?" "Normally at around 9.30."He opened the door wide, and gestured for me to come in.Open the file called Templates.Did you open the mail?Heche opened the news conference by announcing his retirement.It's very hot in here. Do you mind if I open the window?How do you open this umbrella?Open your books to page 63.Aren't you going to open your letter?opened its doorsCasino, a re-creation of Manhattan in the desert that has just opened its doors.In January 1966 Indica opened its doors.The new meeting house opened its doors for worship almost exactly a year later; it had cost £3,366.It opened its doors in 1888 as the Rindge Manual Training School.CHELTENHAM/Gloucestershire Time allowed 01:06 Read in studio Britain's biggest motorway service station opened its doors this afternoon.Social Washington also opened its doors to Joe.St Hugh's opened its doors to men in nineteen eighty six.