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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalmtoppalm‧top /ˈpɑːmtɒp $ ˈpɑːmtɑːp, ˈpɑːlm-/ noun [countable]  TDa very small computer that you can hold in your handlaptop, notebook
Examples from the Corpus
palmtopAnd he certainly believes that retail outlets offer massive sales opportunities for the company's Series 3 palmtop computer.The Teleprocessor needs no special software; you could probably run it from a palmtop machine.The first electronic reference books, therefore, have utilised the same underlying technology as the latest laptop and palmtop computers.He calls the widget a mainframe-compatible palmtop and hand-warmer in one.A combined phone-palmtop will be much bigger and heavier than the palmtop, much of whose value stems from its portability.The palmtop edition will offer enhanced modem dialling and screen handling and will be streamlined to conserve memory.At the time of writing, there was little to suggest that viable palmtop optical media were about to appear.