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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparallel processingˌparallel ˈprocessing noun [uncountable]  technicalTD when several computers work on a single problem at one time, or the process by which a single computer can perform several operations at the same time
Examples from the Corpus
parallel processingThe autonomous method permits the program to be written as separate modules, which both simplifies the program and allows parallel processing.This requires both parallel processing and a system of constraint satisfaction, and connectionism offers a way of implementing such a system.Real Time Systems Manager software, optimised for parallel processing applications, is also provided.They are suitable for parallel processing, with one process for each node.The Lab is working on futures in parallel processing, distributed data-sharing systems, transaction processing, graphics, multimedia and visualisation.OnLine 7.0 is Informix's full-featured massively parallel processing solution, which its co-developing with Sequent.