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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpixelpix‧el /ˈpɪksəl/ noun [countable]  technicalTD the smallest unit of an image on a computer screen
Examples from the Corpus
pixelThe short code would then be decompressed just before display to produce the appropriate number of blue pixels to represent the sky.The lines and curves that make up printed characters are typically only a few pixels wide to start with.This status window shows the currently selected brush type and its width in pixels together with the selected Ink and Paper colours.This way, though there are not many pixels making up the image, they are at least small.You can envision graphic sound charging around like square pixels on a vintage Atari video game.A stray pixel in the eternal bit map.This is the pixel format in which remotely-sensed images are stored.The pixels form an animated image, whether it be a flight through the cosmos or fighter jets thundering across the sky.