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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplotterplot‧ter /ˈplɒtə $ ˈplɑːtər/ noun [countable]  1 someone who makes a secret plan to harm a person or organization, especially a political leader or government The plotters were caught and executed.2 a computer program that turns facts, numbers etc into a graph or chart
Examples from the Corpus
plotterThe setup should be expanded to take in a plotter for graphic and map output.Thao had been a compulsive plotter, while An, the consummate journalist, had seemed so detached.One problem for any coup plotters was what to do with the Shah if Mossadeq were removed.Cheaper flatbed plotters, capable of plotting on sheets of A4 or A3 size paper, can be interfaced to personal computers.Switch instantly between dynamic graphic plotter displays and alpha-numeric presentations.The map generated by these commands is not sent directly to the plotter.Security services had begun investigations whereupon the plotters had stopped.The plotters were arrested and spent a year in jail awaiting trial.