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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprotocolpro‧to‧col /ˈprəʊtəkɒl $ ˈproʊtəkɒːl, -kɑːl/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [uncountable]RULE/REGULATION a system of rules about the correct way to behave on an official occasion a breach of diplomatic protocol2 [countable] formal a) an international agreement between two or more countries the Montreal Protocol on the protection of the ozone layer b) a written record of a formal or international agreement, or an early form of an agreement3 [countable] technicalTD an established method for connecting computers so that they can exchange information4 [countable] technical a set of rules that are followed when doing a scientific experiment or giving someone medical treatment
Examples from the Corpus
protocolI mean - some of these old ladies can be sticky about protocol.I soon learn the bicycle protocol.The companies said they will share technology and develop a standard set of communication protocols.What is the correct protocol when you meet the Queen?Maintenance of health in the long term depends on the management protocols which control the animals' welfare and staff access.the Montreal Protocol on greenhouse warmingA new protocol that purports to fix that convention is the latest example of gesture diplomacy.Under the new protocol, women will stay in the clinic for four hours to be watched for the appearance of new symptoms.Touching the Queen was a breach of royal protocol.Guidelines for weaning have consequently been included in the protocol, and some of the less severe side-effects are also included.As the months unrolled, the protocols changed, becoming briefer and more efficient.According to protocol, he was to arrive at the meeting exactly five minutes early.