Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: 'tail', from Latin cauda, coda


1 noun
queue1 S3 [countable]
1 British English a line of people waiting to enter a building, buy something etc, or a line of vehicles waiting to move [= line American English]
be/stand/wait in a queue
We stood in a queue for half an hour.
You'll have to join the queue.
queue of
a queue of people waiting for the bus
queue for
the queue for the toilets
queue to do something
There was a long queue to get into the cinema.
the front/head/back/end of a queue
At last we got to the front of the queue.
2 British English all the people who are waiting to have or get something:
You'll have to join the housing queue.
queue for
the queue for kidney transplant operations
It is possible to jump the queue (=get something before people who have been waiting longer) if you are prepared to pay for your treatment.
3TD technicalTD a list of jobs that a computer has to do in a particular order:
the print queue
4 a number of telephone calls to a particular number that are waiting to be answered

➔ the dole queue

at dole1 (2)

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