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read-outˈread-out noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š TDinformation that is produced by a computer and shown on a screen β†’ printout πŸ”Š a read-out of all the sales figures
Examples from the Corpus
read-outβ€’ He blinked, and projected before himself a read-out monitoring his life-support systems.β€’ This program gives you a read-out of all the areas where sales have increased.β€’ Such recordings would enable them to monitor the effectiveness of certain maintenance and operational procedures by means of automatic read-out and computerised analysis.β€’ Despite all the electronic read-outs, there are times when good old-fashioned printed material was the most convenient form of record.β€’ The read-out includes the time of entry, user identification and method of entry, for example, keycard or emergency metal key.