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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremote controlreˌmote conˈtrol ●○○ noun  1 [countable]TDH a thing you use for controlling a piece of electrical or electronic equipment without having to touch it, for example for turning a television on or off syn zapper2 [uncountable]TEE the process of controlling equipment from a distance, using radio or electronic signals a missile guided by remote control3 [uncountable] a type of computer software that lets you use a particular computer by connecting it to another one that is far awayremote-controlled adjective
Examples from the Corpus
remote controlThe device in the attaché case would be activated by remote control from inside the limousine.Richmond and his partner, Agent Tom McWilliams, can operate the machines from a half-mile away by remote control.The bomb is guided by remote control.The handset looks like an elongated remote control and weighs only 1 pound.Specification is high - remote control central locking and electric windows.Batut, whose work predates radio remote control, triggered his shutter by the use of slow burning fuse.He had the remote control in his hand and he was channel-hopping, listlessly.