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scrollscroll2 verb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]  TDto move information on a computer screen up or down so that you can read itscroll through He scrolled through the document.scroll up/down Could you scroll down a few lines?→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scrollJust scroll along and drag the one you want on to the page.The reduction in scrolling and window swapping has made the whole computer feel better and more relaxing to use.Additionally the mouse-based scrolling controls are sensitive, often causing the landscape to blur.Scroll down to see when the website was last updated.If your map covers more than one screen, the first bit will scroll off the top.A sports fan might elect to have the latest sports scores continuously scrolling on to his screen.It was a short document-short enough for you to find each variable by scrolling through the text with the down arrow key.Like so many of its computer counterparts, it's viewed from overhead, the pitch scrolling to follow the action.The menus were unwieldy, the scrolling too slow, and the dedicated terminals too expensive.scroll up/downUse the mouse button to scroll the text down.To browse the groups, click inside the Newsgroups window and scroll up and down using your arrow keys or mouse wheel.But before you start filtering, scroll down and see what's on offer.For more conversation from beyond the grave, scroll down for our useful links.People are reluctant to scroll down unless there's something they want-such as a software driver.