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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsearchsearch1 /sɜːtʃ $ sɜːrtʃ/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 [countable usually singular]LOOK FOR an attempt to find someone or somethingsearch for Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors.search of Two more bodies were found after a search of the woods.2 [countable] a series of actions done by a computer to find informationsearch of a computerized search of 10,000 medical journals A search found 46 websites. an online searchperform/run/do a search Do a search on ‘rabbit’ and see what it brings up.3 in search of something4 [singular]FIND OUT an attempt to find an explanation or solutionsearch for the search for a cureCOLLOCATIONSverbscarry out a search (also conduct a search formal)Police have carried out a search of his home.launch/mount a search (=start a search)A massive search was launched for the former soldier.call off/abandon a searchThey called off the search when it got dark.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + searcha thorough/careful search We conducted a thorough search of the building.a painstaking search (=a very careful search)Police officers carried out a painstaking search of the area around the house.a systematic search (=one done in an organized way)They set about a systematic search of the ship.a desperate/frantic searchAfter the war, many people returned to rural areas in a desperate search for food.a fruitless search (=an unsuccessful one)I spent many hours in a fruitless search for accommodation.a police searchHer disappearance sparked a massive police search.a nationwide search (=in every part of a country)Kim was missing for two months, prompting a nationwide search.a house-to-house search (=a search of every house or building in an area)Police are conducting house-to-house searches in the area where the girl disappeared.a fingertip search British English (=a careful search for clues by police officers)Police have started a fingertip search of the area and appealed for witnesses.phrasesthe search is on (=people are trying to find someone or something)The search is on for someone with the same blood type.a search is underway (=it has started)A search is underway for two walkers in the Cairngorm mountains.search + NOUNthe search areaThe search area has now been widened.
Examples from the Corpus
searchFBI agents carried out a search of all the nightclubs in the area.When the men did not return, the commanding officer sent out a search party.The multinational drug companies are often exploiting that knowledge in their constant search for new and more profitable drugs.Police are carrying out house-to-house searches in villages near the scene of the murder.Many of its best-educated residents have been driven to neighboring counties in search of better jobs.Last June a judge dismissed the fine, declaring that the village must obtain search warrants before conducting the inspections.And each subsequent day, as the poignant search continued, she welcomed me back.I did a quick search on the Internet and found three airlines with tickets available on that date.Much has been spent, to little effect, on the search for a vaccine.The search for the seat of divinity in man and nature is only a prelude to the aspiration for transcendence.Rescuers are continuing their search for survivors of the crash.Their search for gold took them west to Washington State.search forThe school is currently searching for ways to save money.Lynn searched for a parking place.The accident has left residents searching for answers and explanations.I was made redundant last year, and am still searching for a new job.Coastguards are still searching for survivors from the ship.the search for the meaning of lifethe search for the wreck of the TitanicFriends and neighbours joined police officers to search for clues.I've searched everywhere for a birthday present for Kim, but I found nothing I liked.perform/run/do a searchHere you can choose to view a letter, export it to your word processor, and perform search operations.Police ran a database search of the license numbers of stolen cars.It lets a user perform a search on various levels, using categories of real estate data and geography.However, even historians who do search for truth may disagree in their interpretation of an event.