1 noun
search1 S3 W2
1 [countable usually singular] an attempt to find someone or somethingCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
carry out/conduct a search begin/launch a search call off/abandon a search thorough/painstaking/systematic search (=a very detailed one) fruitless search (=an unsuccessful one) nationwide search house-to-house search (=a search of every house or building in an area) fingertip search British English (=a search for clues by police officers at the scene of a crime) strip search (=a search of someone by taking off their clothes) the search is on (=used to say that something is now being looked for)
search for
Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors.
search of
a search of the area
The police have already carried out a search.
Perhaps they will wait until morning before launching a search.
Rescuers were forced to abandon their search.
a thorough search of the undergrowth
I spent the next three hours in a fruitless search for a replacement.
The search is now on for a new management team.
2TD [countable] a series of actions done by a computer to find information
search of
a computerized search of 10,000 medical journals
A search found 46 websites.
an online search
perform/run/do a search
Do a search on 'rabbit' and see what it brings up.

in search of something

looking for something:
4 [singular] an attempt to find an explanation or solution
search for
the search for a cure

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