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ldoce_748_zsearchsearch2 ●●● W3 verb  1 looking [intransitive, transitive]LOOK FOR to try to find someone or something by looking very carefully It was too dark to search further. The area was thoroughly searched.search for somebody/something An RAF plane searched for the missing men. I’ve searched high and low (=everywhere) for my glasses.search something for somebody/something Detectives are searching the yard for clues.search in/under/through something Alice bent to search through a heap of clothes.2 computer [transitive] to use a computer to find informationsearch something for something Search the Web for cheap flights.3 person [transitive]LOOK FOR if someone in authority searches you or the things you are carrying, they look for things you might be hidingsearch somebody for something He was searched by the guards for weapons.4 solution [intransitive]LOOK FOR to try to find an explanation or solutionsearch for Scientists are still searching for a cure. She paused, searching for inspiration.5 search me!6 examine [transitive]EXAMINE to examine something carefully in order to find something out, decide something etc Anya searched his face anxiously.searcher noun [countable]COLLOCATIONSadverbssearch something carefullyWe searched the whole house carefully, but didn’t find anything.search something thoroughlyThey searched the garden thoroughly.search frantically/desperately (=in a hurried way, because you feel very worried)Panic-stricken parents frantically searched for their children.search high and low (=search everywhere)We searched high and low for him, but couldn’t find him.search something from top to bottom (=search all the rooms in a building)They searched the house from top to bottom.search in vainHe searched in vain for a means of escape. THESAURUSsearch to look carefully for someone or somethingDetectives continue to search for clues.She searched through all his clothes.look for somebody/something to try to get someone or something you want or needI’m looking for something to wear for my sister’s wedding.The band is looking for a singer.He’s decided to look for a new career.try to find somebody/something used especially when someone or something is difficult to findI spent half an hour trying to find a parking space.She was in the kitchen, trying to find something to eat that wasn’t raw carrot.seek formal to try to find something or someone – used especially about jobs, help, or information. Also used in newspaper advertisements when trying to find a suitable personThey went there seeking work.She decided to seek help. Tall blond 18-year-old male seeks female 17+ for friendship.hunt to look for someone or something. Used when you look very carefully and thoroughly, or in the phrase house/job/bargain huntingI’ve hunted everywhere, but I can’t find a recipe for French onion soup. She’s gone out bargain-hunting in the sales.be on the lookout for somebody/something to be continuously looking for someone or somethingI’m always on the lookout for a good bargain.leave no stone unturned to look for someone or something in every possible placeThe police say they will leave no stone unturned in their search for the killer. search something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
searchAll visitors to the prison are thoroughly searched.I searched a few websites, but couldn't find the information I was looking for.They could search a thousand years and they'd not find it.All visitors will be searched before entering the prison.To find a book on our site, you can search by author, title, or subject.Relations in databases are designed to be searched by the primary keys.Elizabeth left me and I searched every corner of the hotel - every dark doorway and staircase.Bidwill is notorious for his secrecy while searching for a coach.I did a search for any articles by Varenqe on the web, and I found quite a few.The company, named for a friend who died from an infection, would search for new targets for antibiotics.The 73-year-old Republican standard-bearer took time out of his busy campaign schedule last week to search for those roots.The men were all searched for weapons and then allowed to enter.You can search on the Internet for the names of dealers in your area.At the site, rescue workers have been searching systematically in the hope of finding more survivors.Police have searched the area near his home, but have so far found nothing.You can search the document for particular words or phrases, in order to get directly to the information you need.Frantically he cast about, searching the ground.The crow bar raised over his head, he searched the water for the keg among other things.We searched the whole house for Diane's ring.Our leaders will have to search their consciences before agreeing to this deal.Local people are still searching woods near the victim's home for any clues to help find her killer.thoroughly searchedShe hadn't been allowed to bring anything off the boat except her patchwork leather shoulder-bag which had been thoroughly searched first.He thoroughly searched the house and came up with some startling and damning evidence.