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set-upˈset-up, setup /ˈsetʌp/ ●○○ noun  1 SITUATION[countable usually singular] the way that something is organized or arranged the traditional classroom set-up2 [countable usually singular] informalTRICK/DECEIVE a dishonest plan that is intended to trick someone How do I know this isn’t a set-up?3 [uncountable] the act of organizing something, such as a business or a computer system The IT department will assist you with installation and setup.4 SYSTEM[countable] several pieces of equipment that work together in a system ‘Do you use the school darkroom?’ ‘No, I’ve got my own setup at home.’ set up at set1
Examples from the Corpus
set-upAn efficient accounts set-up can not only save a company money: it can improve its relationship with its clients.My last school was quite traditional, but it's a different set-up at the new one.The kind of firing set-up used is obviously important in determining the firing atmosphere achieved.It's an impressive set-up. The foundation brings in half a million dollars a day.The basic lighting set-up incorporates three lamps.This is a two-machine set-up by which original video recordings can be transferred on to copy tapes.They're divorced, but they're still living in the same house - it seems like a strange set-up to me.It was still a strange set-up at Four Winds.Once the system has popped, it is more self-sustaining, self-stabilizing, not requiring the artificial crutches that set-up needed.This is particularly true of the set-up operation.Oh, sometimes I wish I'd never come into this set-up.This was entirely necessary, considering that the whole set-up, complete with rocks and water, weighs about two tonnes.