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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsharewareshare‧ware /ˈʃeəweə $ ˈʃerwer/ noun [uncountable]  TDfree or cheap computer software, usually produced by small companies, that you can use for a short time before you decide whether to buy it
Examples from the Corpus
sharewareChet initially distributed the utility as shareware, handing out copies only to members of his local users' group.It's a popular download from bulletin boards and is one of the best shareware products you can get.The ideal bulletin board is a local call away, with a crowd you like and lots of cool shareware for downloading.Many of our shareware readers are now ordering discs every month from this section of the magazine.Some shareware programs are available to reject and delete cookies.The shareware is free, the full version is $ 20.Search the usual shareware sites for counters if you want to get hold of one.