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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_751_zsortsort1 /sɔːt $ sɔːrt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 type/kind [countable]TYPE a group or class of people, things etc that have similar qualities or features syn type, kindsort of What sort of shampoo do you use?all sorts (of something) (=a lot of different types of things) I like all sorts of food – I’m not fussy.of this/that sort On expeditions of this sort, you have to be prepared for trouble.of some sort/some sort of something (=used when you do not know exactly what type) He wondered if Rosa was in some sort of trouble. There was a game of some sort going on inside. Most of the victims developed psychological problems of one sort or another (=of various different types). They do burgers, pizzas, that sort of thing.2 sort of3 of sorts4 sort of thing5 what sort of ... ?6 nothing of the sort7 person [singular] British EnglishCHARACTER/PERSONALITY someone who has a particular type of character, and is therefore likely to behave in a particular way syn type Iain’s never even looked at another woman. He’s not the sort.8 it takes all sorts (to make a world)9 computer [singular]TD if a computer does a sort, it puts things in a particular order10 out of sortsCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesthis/that sortWe must ensure that this sort of thing does not happen again.some sortThere has been some sort of error.the same sortWe had the same sort of background.a similar sortIt’s a similar sort of house.a different sortBarbara never stopped wanting a different sort of life.the right sortWearing the right sort of clothing could save your life.other sortsWhat other sorts of books do you like?all sorts (=many different sorts)He collects all sorts of musical instruments.phrasesof one sort or another (=of various different sorts)Quite a large number of them suffered injuries of one sort or another.
Examples from the Corpus
sortBy clever use of the medium and washes, all sorts of possibilities open up.And I knew what I must find, at once, without delay of any sort.Uncle Ralph was always a good-natured sort.Eventually money becomes worthless, and people are forced to barter or substitute with other sorts of currencies, like cigarettes.Not, Emilio thought, smiling inwardly, the sort to fall asleep early.Indeed, it may be that on occasion physical ill-treatment is a consequence of the tension this sort of situation produces.This seems to me to be an eminently sensible arrangement, and I think this sort of structure could also work here.She had got rid of Sarah for the moment but what sort of havoc was the girl going to cause this time?Think what sort of group Free People are.that sort of thingThe President was very good about that sort of thing.Great determination and guts and all that sort of thing.But you expect that sort of thing in a literary saloon.Home is happiness and family, that sort of thing.We have people to handle that sort of thing.Road protesters, animal liberationists, that sort of thing.Keel-hauling, walking the plank, that sort of thing.