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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsource codeˈsource code noun [uncountable] technical  TDthe original form in which a computer program is written before it is changed into a form that a particular type of computer can readmachine code
Examples from the Corpus
source codeDifferent character sets Application debugging facilities include transaction dumps, system traces, and the famed Animator source code debugger.Focus on producing better and better source code.Adobe has always been highly protective of its source code, turning down deals rather than share it.Only one set of source code is needed for all platforms.ProActive will release new versions of its software to meet emerging requirements, but won't sell source code, says Sippl.The source code is to form the basis of an integrated set of financial and distribution management application modules for international usage.With Windows source code, Insignia would not face the problems that Sun faces keeping up with Windows development.Surf the code Delphi 4 has a number of fast ways of navigating your way quickly through your source code.