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SpamSpam noun [uncountable]  trademarkDFF a type of cheap canned meat made mainly from pork
Examples from the Corpus
SpamSales of Gateacre-made Spam are already 7% up on last year and the new campaign is aimed at increasing them even further.Her plate held a curious mixture of Spam, jelly, iced buns and lettuce leaves.Then there was the time Vic and company decided to detonate a smorgasbord of Spam and boiled sweets.This, flanked by the contents of two tins of Spam, equally wafer-like, drew cries of greedy amazement.No one had much success with the tinned food, though, whether it was bully beef or the unnaturally sweet Spam.The firm says its key target is persuading busy young mums that Spam makes an easy meal in minutes.