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storestore2 ●●● S3 W3 verb [transitive]  1 KEEP/STOREto put things away and keep them until you need themstore something away/up Squirrels are storing up nuts for the winter. Store the beans in an airtight jar.2 PUTto keep facts or information in your brain or a computer Standard letters can be stored on floppy discs.3 store up trouble/problems etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
storeWhen stock is reduced and full of flavor, strain carefully, let cool, and store.The cards can be stored alphabetically.What that experience demonstrates is that the teacher very rarely uses the voluminous information, which is nevertheless conscientiously stored and retained.Instead of being distributed, the food was unloaded and stored away in a warehouse.He only hoped the electronic equipment was safely stored away.It is proposed that this collection should be sifted, and the contents scanned and stored electronically on optical media.The warehouse is being used to store food and clothes for the refugees.All of my old books are stored in boxes in the attic.Since they are predictable, the camera moves are sometimes preprogrammed and stored in computers.Huge amounts of information can be stored on a single CD-ROM.Data regarding employees' salaries are stored on the computer at the main office.How much information can you store on your hard drive?The computer stores the information in its memory automatically.Store the medicine in a cool place.The government plans to store the nuclear waste at a site in Nevada.