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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstringstring1 /strɪŋ/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 parcel.jpg thread [countable, uncountable]D a strong thread made of several threads twisted together, used for tying or fastening thingsrope Her key hung on a string around her neck. a ball of string I need a piece of string to tie this package.2 group/series [countable] a) SERIESa number of similar things or events coming one after another syn seriesstring of a string of hit albums b) GROUP OF THINGSa group of similar thingsstring of She owns a string of health clubs. c) technicalTD a group of letters, words, or numbers, especially in a computer program3 no strings (attached)4 string of pearls/lights/beads etc5 music a) [countable]APM one of the long thin pieces of wire, nylon etc that are stretched across a musical instrument and produce sound b) the strings/the string sectionAPM the people in an orchestra or band who play musical instruments that have strings, such as violins6 first-string/second-string etc7 have somebody on a string8 have more than one string to your bow G-string, → how long is a piece of string? at long1(9), → pull strings at pull1(8), → pull the/somebody’s strings at pull1(9), → the purse strings at purse1(5)
Examples from the Corpus
stringThe pen was hanging from a string on the wall.Is this a string of isolated anecdotes or a pattern of substandard care?Almost every trainer with a string of 20 horses shares the same ultimate ambition - to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup.It will give that tight West Coast strum with the bass strings becoming almost percussive.I need a piece of string to tie this package.She pulled the string tight, strangling him.The strings vibrate again, underscoring my panic.piece of stringIt attracted everyone from stunt flying professionals to kids with an old plastic carrier bag and a piece of string.A weight suspended on the end of a piece of string and then set in motion acts as a pendulum.The pendulum consists of a weight on the end of a piece of string, thread or chain usually a few inches long.You can use your tie, your belt or a piece of string.Almost falling out, he tied the door to one of the gas cans with a piece of string.When she got flirting around with a twig or piece of string in her bill she was not to be balked.Lay several pieces of string across a board; put the lamb on top of them, skin side downwards.string ofJackson was imprisoned in 1934 for a string of sensational crimes.O'Neill had a string of successes with his first four plays.They asked me a string of questions about Gerald and Bob.She owns a string of health clubs.a string of tiny islands off the coast of Florida