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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupercomputersu‧per‧com‧put‧er /ˈsuːpəkəmˌpjuːtə $ -pərkəmˌpjuːtər/ noun [countable]  a computer that is more powerful than almost all other computers
Examples from the Corpus
supercomputerThe chips are targeted at embedded controls, portable and desktop computers, high-end fault-tolerant machines and supercomputers.The long-awaited supercomputer had been promised for last year, but the target date was later pushed back to October 1993.Far more voltage crackled out of a million interconnected Apple IIs than within the most coddled million-dollar supercomputer standing alone.It claims to be number two in supercomputers with more than 160 machines installed.Applications here focus on using gigabit networks to combine the processing power of multiple supercomputers for climate and chemical reaction modeling.Consequently, they have been run as software simulations, often on supercomputers.But in a parallel supercomputer with a sparse, distributed memory, the distinction between memory and processing fades.According to Parsytec, the Xplorer offers users a migration path to its GigaCube massively parallel supercomputers which are also to use T9000s.