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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupportsup‧port1 /səˈpɔːt $ -ɔːrt/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [transitive]  1 agree and helpSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLAN to say that you agree with an idea, group, or person, and usually to help them because you want them to succeed The bill was supported by a large majority in the Senate.support somebody in (doing) something We need to support our teachers in their efforts to raise standards. We strongly support the peace process.2 be kind to somebodyHELP to help someone by being sympathetic and kind to them during a difficult time in their life My wife supported me enormously.3 provide money to livePAY FOR to provide enough money for someone to pay for all the things they need I have a wife and two children to support.support somebody by (doing) something She supports her family by teaching evening classes.support yourself I have no idea how I am going to support myself.4 give money to somethingPAY FOR to give money to a group, organization, or event etc to encourage it or pay for its costs There are a handful of charities which I support regularly.5 hold something upSUPPORT/HOLD UP to hold the weight of something, keep it in place, or prevent it from falling The middle part of the bridge is supported by two huge towers. During sleep, our spine no longer needs to support the weight of our body.support yourself (on something) I got to my feet, supporting myself on the side of the table. 6 prove somethingPROVE if results, facts, studies etc support an idea or statement, they show or prove that it is correct The results support our original theory. There is little evidence to support such explanations.7 sports team British EnglishSUPPORT A TEAM OR PLAYER to like a particular sports team and go to watch the games they play Which team do you support? I’ve supported Liverpool all my life.8 computers to provide information and material to improve a computer program or system, or to make it keep working I don’t think they support that version of the program anymore.9 landTA if land can support people or animals, it is of good enough quality to grow enough food for them to live This land can’t support many cattle.10 water/air/earth if water, air, or earth can support life, it is clean enough, has enough oxygen etc to keep animals or plants alive Because of pollution, this lake is now too acid to support fish. healthy soil that can support plant life11 support a habitTHESAURUSto agree with and help somebody/somethingsupport to say that you agree with a person or idea, and usually help them because you want them to succeedWe will support your decision.Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the trial.The tsunami appeal was supported by thousands of people. back to support a person or plan by providing money or practical help – used about governments or other powerful groupsThe £100 million scheme is backed by the British government.The people backing him do not have the interests of the club at heart.endorse to formally and officially say that you support a person, plan, or ideaAgriculture ministers refused to endorse the Commission's proposals.get behind somebody/something to support a person or plan and help them be successful – used especially about a group of peopleThe England fans really got behind the team. I really believe in this initiative, but it was hard to find business people who were willing to get behind it.The police can't do anything unless the public gets behind them.stand up for somebody/something to say that you support someone or something when they are being attackedYou were the only person who stood up for me at the meeting.He stood up for what he believed in.side with somebody to support one of the people or groups involved in an argument – used especially when you disapprove of this or think it is unfairI felt she was siding with her mother rather than standing up for me.The jury often side with the defendant in these situations.to stop something from fallingsupport to hold the weight of something and stop it from fallingThe branch was too weak to support his weight.The ceiling was supported by huge stone columns.Her body was so weak that she had to be supported by two nurses.hold up to stop something from fallingThese poles hold up the outer part of the tent.His trousers were held up by an old piece of string.prop up to stop something from falling by putting something against it or under itThe builders have propped up the walls with steel beams.carry to support the weight of someone or something – used about something supporting several people, vehicles etcThe bridge could only carry up to two cars at a time.The lift can carry up to 12 people.hold to be strong enough to support the weight of someone or somethingAre you sure the branch will hold both of us?She prayed that the roof would hold her weight as she crawled along it.bear literary or technical to hold the weight of somethingThe truck did not look strong enough to bear the weight of all those people.a load-bearing walltake somebody's/something's weight to be strong enough to support the weight of someone or somethingHis damaged leg would not take his weight.Any large mirrors should have additional support to take their weight.Make sure you choose a pole that will take the weight of your curtains. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
supportHe has a wife and two children to support.Sitting at a table in the coffee shop, her chin supported by her hands, she was deep in thought.The ceiling was supported by huge stone columns.Plans for a new school were strongly supported by local residents.The changes in the tax code are supported by the Democratic party.Her body was so weak that she had to be supported by two nurses.Public opinion in America supported Gandhi in his struggle for an independent India.She is my daughter, and I will love and support her no matter what happens.If she can't support herself, how's she going to support a child?For twenty-five years he painstakingly amassed evidence to support his hypothesis.The environment ministry, to which it is ultimately responsible, supports it to the tune of almost 5m francs.I am very grateful to members of the faculty who have supported me in so many ways.My friends and family have all supported me through the divorce.My parents didn't have to support me when I was at college because I received a grant.Many elderly people support Milosevic because they are scared.The Fed chairman actually supports Mr Neal's bill.During the renovations, a temporary wall will support the ceiling.We supported the demands for a thorough and credible investigation by independent and impartial experts.I have always supported the Democrats.I always support the Girl Scouts by buying a few boxes of cookies.She wrote a newspaper article supporting the idea of a minimum wage for workers.Employers support the training program by offering places for young people.Together they shoot up, play soccer, get into barroom brawls, mug tourists and steal to support their habits.A lot of people can barely earn enough to support themselves, let alone their families.Do you have any evidence to support these claims?Psychological theories support two main forms of gender bias.support somebody in (doing) somethingIn the north, the party can count on fairly widespread support.Some see state support, in all its guises, as a bonus, others as an intrusion.Successive Secretaries acknowledge the outstanding support she provided in that role.A multi-dimensional approach has the potential to discover and support creative processes in the local community.They are losing white support, particularly in the South where it is increasingly a black party.If you are new, decide which senior colleagues would support you in your work.have ... to supportHow many specific performance and change efforts involving how many people do you have the capacity to support?I have a daughter to support.Where do we have sufficient heat to support a biomass?This shows how crucial it is to have funds available to support action when required from our Campaign Fund.After that, the fund will have to support itself.They have discretionary power to support students in further or higher education, including those who study part time.More schools in the area have agreed to support the Hamper Appeal.It will need to have a ledge to support the reading material and strong clamps to hold pages in place are useful.support ... weightTo top this unprepossessing appearance was a thin, scrawny neck which seemed only just to support the weight of his head.This is because, during sleep, our spine no longer needs to support the weight of our body.Similarly locals can not normally support the weight of regulation carried by the larger trading firms.Although it still contains air, it can no longer support the weight of the car.The liquid helps to support the weight of the compass card, and also dampens oscillation.The floors themselves were strong enough to support the weight of the materials used to fill in the gaps.The main structural consideration with any door or window is supporting the weight of the structure above.What you need is a simple but effective structure or framework, strong enough to support the weight of your answer.team ... supportDo come along and give our two teams your support.This is an all-star team that commands support and respect.Work is still going on to raise team support for Peter, and he hopes to be making more visits to churches.The women would love to have her in the team, but support her stand.The rest of the team need to support the individual staff member who has the main therapeutic role.They were large, costly, rather unreliable and required a dedicated data processing team to support them.New metaphors must move beyond individual or team support to consider support for organizations and, ultimately, communities.Once the flight arrived in Florida stewards and stewardesses joined the team of support workers to look after the children.