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supportsupport2 ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 approval [uncountable]SUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLAN approval, encouragement, and perhaps help for a person, idea, plan etc Local people have given us a lot of support in our campaign.support for There was widespread support for the war.in support They signed a petition in support of the pay claim.support of He had the full support of the general committee.2 sympathy/help [uncountable]HELP sympathy and help that you give to someone who is in a difficult situation or who is very unhappy I couldn’t have made it through those times without the support of my boyfriend Rob.3 money [uncountable] money that you give a person, group, organization etc to help pay for their costs The European Union is considering whether to provide financial support for the expedition.with somebody’s support With your support, we can help these youngsters.4 holding something up [countable, uncountable]SUPPORT/HOLD UP something that presses on something else to hold it up or in position The roof may need extra support. the wooden supports of the bridgefor support She grabbed at his shoulders for support.5 proof [uncountable] facts that show that an idea or statement is correctsupport for My own research provides some support for this view. 6 computers [uncountable] the help or information that you receive to improve a computer system, make it continue working, or use it correctly our technical support team7 concert/performance [uncountable] a band, singer, or performer that performs for a short time at the same concert as a more famous and popular band etc We played support to a band called Shallow. the support band the support act (=the support band)8 soldiers [uncountable] help or protection that is given by one group of soldiers to another group who are fighting in a battle logistical supportair/ground support (=help or protection that comes from people in aircraft or people on the ground)9 for part of body [countable]MD something that you wear to hold a weak or damaged part of your body in the right placeback/neck/knee etc support child support, income support, life support system, → moral support at moral1(3)COLLOCATIONSverbshave supportThe extreme right-wing parties don’t have much popular support.give (your) support (also lend (your) support formal)The American people gave him their enthusiastic support.The naturalist Sir David Attenborough has lent his support to the campaign.pledge/offer (your) support (=say that you will support someone or something)Both the opposition parties pledged full support for the new administration.get/draw supportThe plan drew wide support from parents.win/gain/attract supportTry to win the support of local shopkeepers.enjoy/command support formal (=have support)His views were too extreme to command general support.drum up/rally support (=get people’s support by making an effort)Both sides have been drumming up support through the internet.enlist somebody’s support formal (=ask for and get their support)He wrote to the prime minister in an attempt to enlist his support.mobilize support (=get people to support something in an active way)Part of their mission was to mobilize popular support for Franco.build (up) support (=increase it)Now he needs to build his support by explaining what he believes in.withdraw support (=no longer support)He's decided to withdraw his support for the project.adjectivespublic/popular supportThere seemed to be no popular support for war.widespread/wide/general supportThere is widespread support for the Government’s proposal.strong supportA survey found strong support for the project among hospital staff.massive supportWe have massive public support.somebody’s full supportThat view deserves the full support of all farmers.whole-hearted/enthusiastic supportI want you to know that you have my whole-hearted support.active support (=approval and help)Les, with the active support of his wife Pam, has spent several years compiling a list of the prisoners.unanimous support (=when all members of a group support something)There was nearly unanimous support for the proposal.
Examples from the Corpus
supportsupports for the bridgeThis sofa has good back support.The bridge fell down because it didn't have enough support.Private companies should not rely on financial support form the government.He was grateful for his friends' support during his divorce.Carter had seen his support dwindling in the southern states.Our two company lawyers provide all the legal support we need.Higher education for the deaf receives the same lukewarm support.The paper support for this is a flimsy piece of plastic, and a wire loop.This dependence upon parental support, though necessary if schools are to survive, is socially divisive.In the past they say they've suffered prejudice and poor support.At the same time, Mrs Aquino is mobilising popular support for her beleaguered government.It is very important to have the greatest possible support around the expansion slot area.The party's support has always been in the big cities.In the light of that, the next step will be for the Government to identify proposals that will command the support of the House.Day-care provision also lacked the support of women trade unionists.I would not have been able to finish writing the book without the support of my husband and family.I couldn't have finished my degree without the support of my family.Thanks for all your support - it's been a hard year.I'd like to thank you all for your support in the upcoming election.support forThere appears to be a lot of support for independence in the territory.financial supportThis survey has been unusually successful in attracting financial support from a very wide range of sources.Jerry Lewis, left the title untouched but drained financial support.For information on treatment or how to give financial support.Ed Schafer has received more than 95 percent of its financial support from North Dakotans.The major problem of public broadcasting so far has not been too much government meddling but too little financial support.A further example is the transfer of responsibility for those who need financial support.The GI bill provided financial support for soldiers who wanted to get a college education.Normally this financial support passes from older to younger generations in families in a one-way flow.At issue in the Gingrich case is a college course he taught from 1993-95 with financial support from a nonprofit foundation.for supportShe moved towards Andrew, seeking his arm for support.He's able to walk around on his own now, although he has to use a cane for support.As he fell over he grabbed at the table for support.technical supportVerio provides around-the-clock network monitoring and technical support with all promotional packages.Both are replacing minicomputer-based systems with Clarify's ClearSupport technical support management system, shipping this month.Compaq Computer Corp. enjoys one of the best reputations for technical support in the computer business.Ideally, you should also plump for a company that offers a free technical support hotline.Unlike many other unmetered deals, the price also includes unlimited freephone technical support.Most Internet access providers offer some kind of technical support for users who need help learning how to telnet.This would allow dermatologists to concentrate resources on patients who need the technical support available in hospitals.Some companies even put on-line the same information used by their technical support staffs.support bandRed Rocks stadium throbs to the sound of the first support band.My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State asked today whether it supported banding but received no answer.Most often the support band are terrible, but they could have been great and they could have been you.I seem to remember the support band was Eugenius, not Moonshake.This was when somebody opened the door to the inner sanctum where the support band was playing.air/ground supportFirst he launches an invasion without adequate air support, then he makes the movement pay for it.B-52s did not fly in close ground support.I also learned that we had priority for air support for the duration.Often no artillery or air support, even if we are overrun.The aircraft carrier Nimitz will provide air support.The entire com-pany was flown out early one morning, with air support overhead.back/neck/knee etc supportIn the carrying position your baby has the benefit of a padded head and neck support.They advise you to ensure you have a good back support when you come and rest after 26.2 miles.Where you have a fairly long shelf, it is wise to add a horizontal back support.She estimates he owes her roughly $ 6,000 in back support.This time we had the welcome addition of a sheepskin backrest, an inflatable neck support and a selection of surgical collars.Can you win back support in this area.