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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtechnical supportˌtechnical supˈport (also tech support) noun [uncountable]  1 help or information that you receive to improve a computer program or system, make it continue working, or use it correctly2 the department of a company that provides help with using computers Maybe you’d better try calling tech support.
Examples from the Corpus
technical supportVerio provides around-the-clock network monitoring and technical support with all promotional packages.We called technical support and reached a Florida office, a tech-support company that hires itself out to Compaq.Both are replacing minicomputer-based systems with Clarify's ClearSupport technical support management system, shipping this month.Compaq Computer Corp. enjoys one of the best reputations for technical support in the computer business.Ideally, you should also plump for a company that offers a free technical support hotline.Unlike many other unmetered deals, the price also includes unlimited freephone technical support.If you're a newcomer to the Net, the technical support on offer will probably be important to you.The technical support line was very helpful, though.