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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunzipun‧zip /ʌnˈzɪp/ ●●○ verb (unzipped, unzipping) [transitive]  1 FASTEN/DO UPto unfasten the zip on a bag, piece of clothing etc2 to make a computer file its normal size again so that you can use it, after it has been made to use less space→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
unzipHe unzipped her cosmetic bag and emptied it as if it were filled with jewels.In rapid succession, he unzipped her moleskin trousers and drew the skimpy white lace G-string from her thighs.He unzipped his jacket and flung it on a chair.He unzipped his school bag and rummaged about for a pencil.He unzipped the bag and lifted out a chainsaw.She unzipped the case and took out a thick file.As he was unzipping the satchel, I moved around to the side of the table and pocketed his gun.She set the bag on the table, unzipped the top and reached in, grabbing something by a recessed handle.