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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupup1 /ʌp/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb, preposition, adjective  1 UPto a higher position towards a higher place or position opp down We walked slowly up the hill. She picked her jacket up off the floor. paths leading up into the mountains Tim had climbed up a tree to get a better view. Put up your hand if you know the answer. The water was getting up my nose. Karen lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling.2 UPin a higher position in a higher place or position opp down John’s up in his bedroom. a plane flying 30,000 feet up Her office is just up those stairs. The doctor’s assistant was up a ladder in the stockroom.3 VERTICALto be upright into an upright or raised position Everyone stood up for the national anthem. Mick turned his collar up against the biting winds.4 along in or to a place that is further along something such as a road or path syn down She lives just up the street. We walked up the road towards the church.5 SGnorth in or towards the north They live up north. We’re driving up to Chicago for the conference. a stormy voyage up the east coast from Miami to Boston 6 NEARclose very close to someone or something A man came up and offered to buy him a drink.up to She drove right up to the front door.up against The bed was up against the wall.7 to more important place used to show that the place someone goes to is more important than the place they start from Have you been up to London recently?8 river towards the place where a river starts opp down sailing up the Thames The river steamers only went up as far as Mandalay.9 INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNTmore at or towards a higher level or a greater amount opp down Turn up the radio. Violent crime went up by 9% last year. Inflation is up by 2%.up on Profits are up on last year.RegisterIn written English, people often prefer to use rise rather than be/go up, because it sounds more formal:Violent crime rose by 9% last year.10 winning British English beating your opponent by a certain number of points opp downtwo goals up/three points up etc United were a goal up at half time. 11 not in bed not in bed Are the kids still up? They stayed up all night to watch the game. It’s time to get up (=get out of bed). It’s good to see you up and about again (=out of bed after an illness and moving around normally).12 FINISH/COME TO AN ENDfinishing used after certain verbs to show that something is completely finished, used, or removed We’ve used up all our savings. The children had to eat up all their food. After a month, the wound had almost healed up.13 PIECEPARTcutting/dividing used after certain verbs to show that something is cut, broken etc into pieces or divided into parts Why did you tear up that letter? We still haven’t decided how to divide up the money.14 TOGETHERcollecting used after certain verbs to show that things are collected together Let’s just add up these figures quickly. Could you collect up the papers?15 TOPpart on top used to say which surface or part of an object should be on top Put the playing cards right side up. Isn’t that painting the wrong way up? 16 ABOVEabove a level above and including a certain level, age, or amount All the women were naked from the waist up. Children aged 12 and up must pay the full fare.17 up and down18 up to something19 be up to somebody20 FINISH/COME TO AN ENDfinished time if a period of time is up, it is finished I’m sorry, we’ll have to stop there. Our time is up.21 TTRroad repairs if a road is up, its surface is being repaired22 TDcomputer if a computer system is up, it is working opp down There could well be a few problems before your new computer is up and running properly.23 up against something/somebody24 up for something25 something is up26 be well up in/on something27 be up before something/somebody28 be up to here29 up the workers!/up the reds! etc30 up yours!31 somebody is (so) up himself/herself etc not be up to much at much2(8)
Examples from the Corpus
upLarry's hair was sticking straight up.Make sure this side of the box is facing up.The helicopter hovered up above us.He came right up and asked my name.Caroline looked up and laughed.I picked up as many of the beads as I could find.The boy turned and stared up at her.Everyone stood up for the national anthem."Where is Alex?" "He's up in his room."He was pointing his rifle straight up in the air.I found some old pictures of my mother up in the attic.My cousins live up north.Put the picture higher up on the wall.Darryl climbed up onto the roof.Elaine brought up the issue of childcare.Let's cover up the machinery just in case it rains.Are you able to see up there or do you need a flashlight?Let's just add up these figures quickly.I walked up to the counter and demanded my money back.The closet's completely filled up with all Mia's old clothes.up onProfits are up on last year.up and aboutAnd counting down. 11.59 High upon the roof of the Butcher Building the boy Jonathan was up and about.I heard you up and about.Then he would be up and about, able to apply himself to unfinished business.He was up and about and shouting at all and sundry.You probably felt it today because you were up and about at the doctor's.He likes to be up and about, moving from one place, to another, doing things.My grandmother thought that when her daughter was up and about she would have to part from the baby.Somebody out there has thought about of lot of the situations that can come up and about ways to handle them.and upThe movie is appropriate for children twelve and up.Often in olden days would I be lifted up, and up, and up, for the sake of my plays.They watched it fly up and up, gliding over the sea.We dragged ourselves up the wide, eroded mess of a path that leads to Ben Lawers and up into the storm.It was then I started doing this form of meditation, walking around the hill and up it.Each summer, the ferns had grown through and up over the twigs.Again the enemy pushes through the meadow and up the hill, and the battle is renewed.She threw the chips into the sand for the predators, and upped the speed.We reached the muddy cobbles of the city, going through Bowyers Row and up towards Cripplegate.up and runningOur new factory in Belize is finally up and running.In the event, the coal crisis didn't materialize, but nuclear power was by that time up and running.Disruption was minimal with the backing plant up and running again in time for the factory re-opening.We provide the support to get customers up and running and allow their system to operate over the Internet.Weather permitting, the telescope could be up and running as early as 1998, he said.Hopefully, the telescope will be up and running as early as next year.Joseph says the black advocacy project is unlikely to be up and running before next year.Once the bank is up and running, children learn how to deal with people and develop working relationships with each other.The ad says the computer can be up and running in less than an hour.The Capital Area Training Foundation has had more difficulty getting school-to-work initiatives up and running in other industries.Once the tank is up and running water quality should be maintained by regular partial water changes of 20-30% each week.